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Photographs by Alberto Tommaso Badalamenti.

Anna Calvi - Suzanne & I (NME Basement Session 2014)

Anonymous asked: I love your new tumblr theme! :) -Cheryl xo

Thank you!

Anna Calvi: Friday Mixtape

  1. Kate Bush - Mother Stands For Comfort
  2. Wild Beasts - Mecca
  3. Pixies - Cactus
  4. The Invisible - The Wall
  5. Ennio Morricone - The Ecstasy Of Gold
  6. Blood Orange - Chosen
  7. John Grant - Pale Green Ghosts
  8. FKA Twigs - Papi Pacify
  9. Connan Mockasin - Do I Make You Feel Shy?
  10. Bernard Hermann - Vertigo
  11. Cocteau Twins - Love’s Easy Tears
  12. Olivier Messiaen - Troisième Partie - Les ressucités et le chant de l’étoile Aldébaran

(Source: It’s Nice That)

I have some really great memories of the European tour I just finished… playing on a boat in Hungary, going on a long walk in Slovakia with Mally and getting very lost…I remember the passion of the Polish audiences, and how much I enjoyed playing in Berlin again.. I very much enjoyed Frankfurt, and coming back to Brussels was also a highlight, as was the very intimate solo show I did afterwards, which Glenn and Mally joined me for..I must say I have very much enjoyed these solo shows, and I’m sure I will do more of them in the future..

I wanted to tell you I will be releasing some new work very soon, which I recorded with some friends in New York recently.. 

I’m also excited to return to Australia in May, for a show in Melbourne and the Sydney Opera house, which will be quite an honour..

I hope to see some of you at a festival this summer…

With love,


Anonymous asked: Do you think Anna has problems with Domino then if they won't give her single a proper release?

Umm no… I don’t think so. Well it is weird that it’s not getting a proper release, but I don’t think it necessarily indicates any problems. Her vinyl releases always go the top of the Domino Mart, so it’s not like she has poor sales or anything. I can’t see why they would have released a video if they were going to pull it because of problems or something. In hindsight, the fact that there was never a presale of the vinyl does kind of indicate that they were never planning on releasing it on a 7” I guess. I am thinking (well hoping) it is just because she has enough new recorded material for a bigger release that they haven’t announced yet. Why would she be recording all this stuff if there was problems? It just seems unlikely to me.

ss35 asked: Where is the "scarf" question from? :)


So Domino Records said Piece by Piece is not being released on vinyl, which is really weird (and also sad because only 2 singles from the new album released on vinyl kind of sucks)…

But that’s also an opportunity for a B-side that could have been released gone, which now means songs that have been announced and haven’t been released are:

  • Ghost Rider
  • Strange Weather (with David Byrne)
  • Untitled song (with Marianne Faithfull)
  • Untitled song (with Rob Ellis, Terry Edwards and Kate St. John)
  • + possibly more recordings from New York…?

I wonder what the reason is that all this new music has been announced then never released. Does anyone have any ideas? Maybe an EP is going to be released or something, because why else would they announce and then not release any of these songs…